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About Custom Keyboard in "Private Browser" 

This app includes custom keyboard which have Full Access function. 
But this keyboard is for Japanese only, so you don't need to add the keyboard to your device if not needed.

Reason to Implement Custom Japanese Keyboard

The standard Japanese keyboard prepared by Apple has predictive function, which is same with the standard English keyboard. However, the standard Japanese one can not be turned off the predictive unlike the standard English one. 
For that reason, we prepare custom Japanese keyboard which doesn't have the predictive. 

Full Access

We have implemented Full Access function in the custom keyboard to unable it to convert "Hiragana" to "Kanji".
If you use its Full Access, the custom keyboard send words which you type to Google Japanese input service, then you can get converted Kanji.
Please Don't Enter your important information, for example PIN code of your bank account. That is a dangerous act not limited to custom keyboard.


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