Brightness Cut and Blue Light Cut Browser “AceColor” to prevent eye strain and support your good sleep

When use browser heavily and eyes are tired.
> Blue Light Cut Browser, Comfortable for eyes.
> Suitable also before sleeping, because screen can be quite dark.
> Basic function including Tab. Additionally you can arrange the toolbar color.

- iOS7.1 or subsequent is necessary.
- The Blue Light Cut and Brightness Cut function work ON THIS APP ONLY.  (It cannot be made to act on anouther app because of iOS specification)

(1) Comfortable for Eyes, Blue Light Cut Function 

Blue-light gives a damage in the inner part of eyes, and causes eye strain and failure of eyesight. And Blue-light has come out also from the screen of iPhone/iPad.
This app can reduced the intensity of Blue-light. The cut rate can be easily controlled with a slider.  When the function is strengthened, the screen become yellowish.
Please adjust whatever you'd like.

(2) Brightness Cut Function 

Have you have a time to like to see the Internet at a dark bedroom before sleeping night.?  In this app, the screen can be further made dark from the range which can usually be set up with iPhone/iPad. The function is helpful for night browsing.

* But I don’t recommend to use iPhone/iPad
TOO much, for your health or cosmetics, just to make sure.

(3) Basic function including Tab 

This is a simple browser app having some basic functionality including history, bookmarks and tab.
Additionally You can arrange the color of toolbars.
In almost browser apps for smart phone, the colors of any parts are fixed heartlessly. But, in this app, the background color of toolbars can be set up freely. And 4 text colors, white, silver, gold and random, are available. You can select your favorite colors, and also today's lucky color! We hope you enjoy along with your colors.

(Function list) 
- Blue cut level adjustment
- Brightness level adjustment
- Tab function
- Long Press to open a page with a new tab
- Screen Horizontal
- Bookmark registration, edit  (* un-corresponding to folder division)
- History Record, Elimination
- Keyword Search / Address direct entry
- E-mail, and a message, Facebook cooperation   (URL copy & paste)
- Reload / Stop loading
- A tool bar background color / character color change

* This app’s rating is as high as 17+, but excessive contents are not included in the application itself. The cause of the high rate is that this app has not prepared restriction in the Internet inspection.

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  1. after ios 9, sound does not work

    plz fix it

    1. Unfortunately we can’t find the same problem in iOS9.
      Could you please explain your situation more detail?
      We checked your problem by watching a youtube movie on AceColor.
      But it sounded normally.

  2. App Keyboard auto-rotate is not working. Why does not it work?

    1. Vertical lines appear on the keyboard in landscape mode.

    2. Your iOS version is 9, isn't it?
      The code as to rotation has been changed in iOS9.
      This problem will be fixed in the next version of AceColor.
      Please wait a while longer.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Not a good value. Other FREE apps offer automated dimming features based upon local time.. This app doesn't & offers no advantages over other FREE apps. Don't spend your money.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      We will improve AceColor and add that dimming feature in the future version.

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  6. Hi, I have just downloaded the app and it only works when I need to search on the internet. I have seen others that have the app that the filter is all over the iphone/Ipad. What do I have to do for have the filter all over? Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your downloading app.
      I understand your demand.
      I also hope I could make AceColor filter all over.
      But unfortunately the filter function works on this app only.
      Because iOS does not permit any app affect to display setting in iOS.
      AceColor has browser in it and the filter effect works to itself,
      that is what AceColor does.

      actually you can control the filter effect more freely from iOS9.
      Like following,

      1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom.
      2. At the top of the Zoom page in settings, tap the toggle switch on for Zoom.
      3. Scroll down on the Zoom page in settings and select Full Screen Zoom for Zoom Region and Low Light for Zoom Filter.

      You can find more information through the net.

  7. I purchased this app today.I found that it does not work perfectly with Facebook. I cannot access the link in the posts of fb by clicking the links. Who knows how to deal with it? Will the app developer help to solve it? Thanks